Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Clean Eating Challenge - Day 4

Breakfast: 1 cup vanilla greek yogurt with raspberries. I didn't feel well this morning.

Snack: Clemtenine.

Lunch: Chicken breast. Bunch of celery sticks and 2 tablespoons of Crazy Richard's all natural peanut butter.

Snack: Clementine.


Checkin 1: 7:30 am. Terrible. Sleepy and nauseous. Blah.

Checkin 2: 1:30 pm. Fine. Chicken was okay. Actually a little hyper 'cause I'm going to NY Comic Con!

Checkin 3: 7:30 pm: ]

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Clean Eating Challenge - Day 3

Breakfast: Half cup of whole oatmeal with a little sugar and cocoa powder (it was not good), 1 cup vanilla greek yogurt with blueberries., 1 clementine.

Snack: Handful of peanuts.

Lunch: Chicken breast and leftover veggie stir fry.

Snack: Clementine. Om nom.

Dinner: This is my weekly CHEAT MEAL. I've had a ramen dinner planned with friends for months, so I couldn't back out. Mmmm.. Ramen. <3

Checkin 1: 7:30 am. Groggy, but okay. Annoyed at my inability to make oatmeal tasty.

Checkin 2: 1:30 pm. Hunger wasn't a huge issue today, which was nice. Actually, was pretty energized - didn't even have a morning tea.

Checkin 3: 7:30 pm: Felt totally wrecked after eating that ramen. Ugh. Exhausted.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Clean Eating Challenge - Day 2

Breakfast: Two eggs (sunny), 1 cup vanilla greek yogurt with blueberries, 1 clementine.

Lunch: Piece of grilled steak, 1 cup vanilla greek yogurt with raspberries, 1 clementine.

Dinner: Pork rib tips (way more trouble than they were worth) and vegetable "sorta stir fry".

Checkin 1: 7:00 am. For a morning, I'm feeling pretty awake. Full, though. Usually don't eat this much in the morning. Much tastier than cereal, though.

Checkin 2: 1:00 pm. Feeling good. Little tired, but that's not unusual at this time. Noticed I was full much longer than I usually am and didn't really need to get a snack.

Checkin 3: 7:00 pm: Started to get a little tired in the afternoon around my usual time, but it passed. Didn't have dinner til later, but wasn't too hungry considering.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Clean Eating Challenge - Day 1

Snack: 1 clementine

Brunch: Two eggs (over easy), 8 oz ham, fresh fruit. English breakfast tea with sugar.

Dinner: Baked chicken and sweet potatoes with steamed mixed vegetables.

Snack: Mixed berries with some honey.

Checkin 1: 12:30pm. Slept in really late, so I'm moving in slow motion. Energy is okay, considering I had people over until 3 this morning.

Checkin 2: 4:30pm. I'm playing with the time just because waking up so late screwed up my schedule, so this is a little short than the challenge dictates. But I'm feeling pretty good today. 

Checkin 3: 10:30pm: I was super light on my calories today, but I've been feeling really full. Wasn't awake too many hours. Tired, but not exhausted. Game of Thrones had a pretty good episode.

Clean Eating 2015 - Kickoff

I need a place to store my Clean Eating challenge results, and hey - guess what! I remembered I once tried the whole "blogging" thing. D'oh! But now I've got a place to store my challenge results as I go through.

The rules:

  1. No processed foods - breads, pastas, junk food, anything that comes in a box
  2. Everything eaten must be a fruit, vegetable, lean protein, or unprocessed grain
  3. Things that are ok: non-instant oatmeal, brown rice, quinoa, lentils/beans, sweet potatoes, real sugar (for tea)
  4. Eat 121 grams of protein every day
  5. One cheat meal each week (not day, MEAL)
During this challenge, I'll also be recording my mood/energy 1 hour after waking up, 6 hours after that, and then 6 hours after that.