Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Clean Eating Challenge - Day 3

Breakfast: Half cup of whole oatmeal with a little sugar and cocoa powder (it was not good), 1 cup vanilla greek yogurt with blueberries., 1 clementine.

Snack: Handful of peanuts.

Lunch: Chicken breast and leftover veggie stir fry.

Snack: Clementine. Om nom.

Dinner: This is my weekly CHEAT MEAL. I've had a ramen dinner planned with friends for months, so I couldn't back out. Mmmm.. Ramen. <3

Checkin 1: 7:30 am. Groggy, but okay. Annoyed at my inability to make oatmeal tasty.

Checkin 2: 1:30 pm. Hunger wasn't a huge issue today, which was nice. Actually, was pretty energized - didn't even have a morning tea.

Checkin 3: 7:30 pm: Felt totally wrecked after eating that ramen. Ugh. Exhausted.

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