Sunday, May 10, 2015

Clean Eating Challenge - Day 1

Snack: 1 clementine

Brunch: Two eggs (over easy), 8 oz ham, fresh fruit. English breakfast tea with sugar.

Dinner: Baked chicken and sweet potatoes with steamed mixed vegetables.

Snack: Mixed berries with some honey.

Checkin 1: 12:30pm. Slept in really late, so I'm moving in slow motion. Energy is okay, considering I had people over until 3 this morning.

Checkin 2: 4:30pm. I'm playing with the time just because waking up so late screwed up my schedule, so this is a little short than the challenge dictates. But I'm feeling pretty good today. 

Checkin 3: 10:30pm: I was super light on my calories today, but I've been feeling really full. Wasn't awake too many hours. Tired, but not exhausted. Game of Thrones had a pretty good episode.

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